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What kind of LED lamps is better
Publisher:admin Add time:2017/7/29 Browse times:597

The LED lamp, as in recent years in the field of lighting broil hand visible star, make a spurt of progress in technology, occupy in the lighting market has become more and more large, and each LED lamp manufacturers have introduced new products, like LED bulb lamp, LED downlight, LED ceiling lamps as part of a product, because its unique structural features, also more and more by the vast number of consumers favorite.
First of all, LED ceiling lamp has the advantages of its small size, LED ceiling lamps shape is more flat, close to the ceiling, the occupied space is small, limited space, indoor use very well so, the area is not large room, very suitable for LED lamps.
From the appearance point of view, LED ceiling lamps square, there are half circular, consumers can choose according to the room decoration style, LED ceiling lamp has the advantages of simple structure, is mainly composed of a base, a circuit board, a radiator, LED beads, masks. LED ceiling lamps and ordinary ceiling lamps similar structure, the installation is convenient, the lamp base is connected on the ceiling, supporting the whole lamp, circuit to household alternating current into direct current, provide a stable working current for LED lamp.
LED ceiling lamp is the use of LED as a light source, the cost must be higher than ordinary lamps, but decreased with increasing LED chip price, cost difference between a light source is not great, because of some, LED ceiling lamps price is not high, compared with common ceiling price, have little difference. But LED ceiling lamps advantage is very obvious, in energy saving, energy consumption of LED lamp is just the 1/10 of incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamps of 1/2, therefore, can use the power of lower LED ceiling lamps to meet the original lighting requirements.
In the purchase of LED ceiling lamps, attention should be paid to judge the quality of the LED, some LED ceiling lamps manufacturers in order to save costs, LED chip using some poor quality and power, how to know it, can open the look use wire design inside and power supply. To buy into the LED lighting quality better, if you don't know, you can look at the warranty and after-sales service is perfect, like San mal, LED lighting, LED lamps production, quality is good, in the warranty period can free repair or replacement.