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LED ceiling lamps used a few months began to darken, how be to return a responsibility?
Publisher:admin Add time:2017/7/29 Browse times:621

The family bought a LED ceiling lamps, with only a few months, the light will become very dark, what happens?
LED ceiling lamp dimming, first to put a LED ceiling lamps open, look at the light source, if the light source part does not have all the light, that is because some LED lamp is broken, causing the dark, need to be replaced is broken beads. If the lamp lit all, dark words, then there are several possible, one is the power failure, power output voltage becomes lower, resulting in the dark, need to replace the power supply. Two is the LED lamp cooling bad or lamp operating voltage is too high, the current is too large, causing rapid decay lamp aging, belonging to the drawbacks in the design of. Three is the use of light itself quality is not good, the light decay seriously, how long will reduce the brightness of the LED lamp, some manufacturers in order to reduce the cost, using LED chip made in China, are prone to this problem.
Therefore, we bought LED ceiling lamps, do not covet cheap, buy low-priced products, but should look at the overall price, to buy affordable, quality and reliable LED lamps