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The installation method of several commonly used LED lamps
Publisher:admin Add time:2017/7/29 Browse times:604

At present, the purchase of LED lamps as families more and more Home Furnishing lighting, along with popularization of electric, online shopping is popular, many consumers choose LED lamp in online shopping, bought products online, manufacturers generally do not pack is installed, then to self learn how to install, for some simple LED lamp, you completely themselves can install, below St. Magnus LED lamp manufacturers to teach you how to install the LED lamp simple.
A, LED ceiling lamps: LED ceiling lamp in common use Home Furnishing lighting, can be used for the living room, bedroom, study room, corridor and other places of lighting. LED ceiling lamp has a variety of shapes, round, square, rectangle and other base, and sizes. General in the purchase, LED lamp manufacturers will match related accessories, such as screws, if not with words, you need to purchase their own. The base of the lamp can bolt expanding tube, but also can be used in embedded block of wood screw fastening, if the holder base is relatively large, more than 100 mm, you need to use the 2 screws. Screw mounting hole number is given according to the number of lamps are installed. Fixed a sucker chassis, lamp mounting to complete installation.
Two, LED ceiling lamp: LED ceiling lamp for embedded lamps, applicable to the ceiling, like home lighting can be used for auxiliary lighting of the room, LED days lantern appearance is cylindrical, a lamp mouth for metal broadside ring, after installation close to the ceiling, and has a good decorative, installed first the tools will be according to the corresponding lamp ceiling lamp hole size hole, and then follow the instructions on the use of terminal is connected with the lamp wire, spring products on both sides of the buckle hole and vertical, into the ceiling, spring down products on both sides of the buckle, determine whether the installation stability. And LED LED downlight installation method similar to this day lantern.
Three, LED bulb lamp: shape and traditional LED incandescent lamp bulb is similar, and more for the chandelier or a desk lamp, the installation is also the most simple and convenient, LED bulb lamp interface basic can with the traditional incandescent lamp interface compatible, such as E27, E14 etc., directly to the thread bayonet card into the lamp holder can, but should pay attention to tighten, lest fall off and damage.