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China optical communication industry to enter the period of high speed development
Publisher:admin Add time:2017/7/29 Browse times:1089

Optoelectronics industry from the perspective of industry and economy, which is a high starting point, benefits and good prospects for the emerging industry, optoelectronics industry and scientific and technological innovation, industrial upgrading, change the mode of economic growth, driven by the rapid development of the local economy is closely related, can be said to optoelectronic technology and products across all areas of modern industrial production, the cost of living, the industry as a whole is maintained relatively fast speed of development.
As far as the industry development is concerned, optical communication: China's optical communication industry has entered a period of rapid development, China's optical communication industry chain is becoming more and more perfect, and the global market share increased year by year. LED: the development speed of China's LED industry is higher than the global average. Laser field: China has formed four laser industry, regional competition gradually. Optical industry: China has become the production and R & D center of optical industry. Photoelectric display: China has become the world's largest flat panel display market; as for the photovoltaic industry, China PV production capacity has reached a high point, more than the market demand.
Is the global photovoltaic market, according to a survey of Taiwan's Optoelectronics Association (PIDA), the 2012 European debt crisis did not interest, resulting in the global optoelectronic output decline by 1%, it is estimated that up to $4118 million. However, PIDA is also expected to improve in the global economy, the adjustment of the industrial order, the growth of emerging markets and new applications driven by the global photovoltaic market in 2013 will return to the boom period of expansion. By 2015, the global output value will be expected to return to the two digit growth.
PIDA said that in the long run, the market development should be a gentle and stable trend, even if there is a short period of intense shock. For example, in the past 10 years, the global photovoltaic market is always a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) growth rate of about 10% growth, such as the global photovoltaic market between 2001 to 2011 CAGR about 10.8%. Believe that in the future in the short term, the global photovoltaic market in the long period of CAGR can still maintain about 10% of the effectiveness.