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Guangdong enterprises are expected to take the lead over the winter
Publisher:z85329 Add time:2017/7/29 Browse times:871
A responsible person said, with such core components "chip" in the last year the basic realization of localization, the cost of continued to decrease so that the original project, the government dominated the field of LED application began to commercial diffusion, "since Guangdong Province has been the introduction of LED lighting products for specific implementation plan, it means that industry started, the application of the market conditions are ripe, is predictable, the next Shanghai, Fujian and Sichuan supporting policies is expected to be launched soon."
"As the original energy-saving lamps subsidies were introduced as, have scale advantages of large enterprises will be the benefit, with a gradual decline in the prices of the products to follow suit small businesses will have to this drained." Luo Wenzheng said that the current mainland LED, there are up to more than 4000 downstream companies, even if the terminal application is also more than 1000 companies.
Now, it seems, due to the impact of local led enterprises in this round of external demand decline has little effect on originally on the main application market, enterprise of Chengdu is expected to borrow it, application of the starting gun took the lead through the winter.