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To understand the relationship between energy saving and exquisite lighting
Publisher:admin Add time:2017/7/29 Browse times:694

Essentials Lighting prepared 300 square meters of spacious space. The space is divided into seven parts, respectively named "garden of light", "lighting design of the start", "beyond time and space of the light", "create color white", the "light of the cross", "around the earth light", "light dessert." To guide the audience to understand the relationship between energy conservation and exquisite lighting, and then explore the history of lighting design, and then experience the Japanese style of light culture, color lighting and white lighting texture and the latest light source.
But the display is not just on display, but a combination of software and hardware for the exhibition devoted to the development of. Independently developed software and hardware including 8 series of exhibits, 9 pieces of music, 7 videos, 8 sets of lighting procedures.
The last room to "light" as "to meet a member of the orchestra of the five senses", through the integration of lighting, sound, smell, ups and downs, dessert etc., to create the experience so that the audience can relax extradimensional space. Has won the world audience and the international media's highly appraisal, moreover, the use of design to promote the importance of technology exports has also been recognized.